The politics of care work and migration par Clémence Ledoux

Clémence Ledoux, Franca Van Hooren et Birgit Apitzch ont publié dans le volume The Routledge Handbook on Politics of Migration in Europe un chapitre sur le travail de Care et la migration en Europe.

Le texte complet est disponible en ligne

Clémence Ledoux, F. Van Hooren et B. Apitzch (2018), « The politics of care work and migration ». In Weinar A., Bonjour S. et Zhyznomirska L. (dir.) : The Routledge Handbook on Politics of Migration in EuropeRoutledge, p.363-373.

Abstract : Across Europe, migrants are often employed as providers of care or domestic services, thus forming an alternative for public care provision or contributing to the supply of publicly financed care. This chapter discusses how the growing demand for migrant care workers is related to transformations of European care systems. While public policies stimulate the development of care and domestic services, these policies often contribute to precarious employment and poor working conditions. The chapter also shows how migrant care work is shaped by colonial legacies and stratified systems of entry routes and citizenship within Europe, with specific attention for east-west migration. Finally, the chapter highlights the importance of the politics of migrant care work in relation to social care and migration policy. In this context, political actors at the supra-, trans-and national level are of critical relevance, but they have so far …

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